화양연화 Pt.0 <SAVE ME>
화양연화 Pt.0 <SAVE ME>
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The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 0: Save Me
Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa <Save Me> (화양연화 pt.0 <Save Me>, lit. "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, part 0 <Save Me>") which is shortened as Save Me is a Korean webtoon series written by 小草破解版app and illustrated by LICO. Individual chapters have been serialized in LINE WEBTOONEN and NAVER WEBTOONKO which will be releasing one episode per week until April 11. The series is released in countries like Korea, US, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia starting from January 17 (KST). As of 2019, there are 4 released uncounted the paid chapters. The manhwa was inspired by BTS Music Videos and songs spanning from HYYH album to LOVE YOURSELF series which was first introduced in a form of diary entries on their albums called "The Notes". The series was not only released in Korean and English but offers translations of the series on 27 more languages.[1] On January 7, Big Hit Entertainment made an addition to BTS’s BU (Bangtan Universe) storyline with the appearance of a Twitter account called “Smeraldo Books.” Smeraldo Books releases hints about the characters in a form of diary entries.
Seven boys. Best friends. Their fates intertwined through the good times together, but also the tough times, as they have gone their separate ways and suffered greatly as a result. When all is almost lost for these boys, one is given a special chance to go back in time and help his friends fix the mistakes that led them down this path. He’ll do anything to save them, but can he? Or is he too late?
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Lists of events were written by each of the main characters in the form of diary entries. Some are written in the same day but the contents may differ due to the Time Loop and Parallel World.

BU or BTS UNIVERSE is the setting which the series of events happened surrounding the characters in Save Me wiki based on the albums and music videos that BTS has released so far.

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The sheet caught fire and instantly flared up. My last sight of this world was this dirty, isolated room, the red-hot flames and rolling heat, and Jungkook's twisted face.

—Yoongi, 2 May Year 22

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